The Courier

Volume 1, Issue 20 (1968)

Issue Highlights


2 Parties Open Drive for April 24 Elections

College Gets Full Accreditation

Operation Pick-Up Mets 40 Carloads for Riot Victims

Caucus-Indorsed Candidates Win Board Seats

Executive Office Candidates: Students for United Government, Leadership for the Students for DuPage


Larry O’Parka

James Moschini

Larry Lemkau

Michael Soto

Donald Preston

Edward Hummel

Bruce Cobban

Michael Ford

Marrianne Bardy

Larry O’Parka

Henry Diekmann

J. Daniel Ray

Roger Schmiege

Robert Crane

Publication Personnel

Terry O'Sullivan
Sports Editor
Scott Betts
Chief Photographer
Jim Cmolik
Advertising Manager
Randy Haas
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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