The Courier

Volume 1, Issue 3 (1967)

Issue Highlights


College Says Final Exams Up To Instructor

Quarter To Semester Hours Translates This Way: 3-2

It’s Official Now: Kelly Green, Gold Are School Colors

Rally Winner Remains Mystery, Calculations Hold Up Decision

New Book System Winter Quarter

Lawyer, Judo Expert, Etc...But History Remains Schwass’ First Love

College Board Votes On Bond Sale

DuPage Offers Electronic Technology

Brown Says Folk Style Is Passe, Youth Wants Combos These Days

1967 Chaparrals (team photo)


John Anthony

Wallace Schwass

John Brown

Publication Personnel

Donna Boerste
Terry O'Sullivan
Copy Editor
Bonnie Robertson
Chief Photographer
James Margetts
Makeup Editor
Robert Cowan
Sports Editor
Edward Olson
Advertising Manager
Randy Haas

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