The Courier

Volume 10, Issue 18 (1977)

Issue Highlights


Promise Hearing For Berg’s Plan

Student Senate Votes Confidence In SB 100

RA To Quit With Mixed Feelings

Lambert Rd. To Be Widened

Ron Holgate, Actor-Singer, To Be Artist-in-Residence

Teachers Sound Off To Berg’s Proposal

Women’s Basketball Team Wins Sectional, 17th Straight

Hockey Team Sure It’s Headed For Nationals


Joe Gilbert

Ron Holgate

John Freeman

Pat Blair

Pam Blair


Publications Personnel

Wayne A. Shoop
Managing Editor
Gerry Bliss
Photo Editor
Scott Salter
Sports Editor
Tom Ryan
Advertising Manager
Larry Smith
Staff Cartoonists
Dario Tranter
Dav Holle
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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