The Courier

Volume 10, Issue 26 (1977)

Issue Highlights


Miller Raps Cluster Concept

Student Body President Loses Pay, Not Full-time

SAAB Asks $35,832

‘Weird’ Harold Rubin Says Pornography Has No Victims

With Poise And ‘Sass,’ Maya Angelou Is A Hit

New Trustee Gets To Work—Berardi Questions Budget Deficit

Senate VP Can Vote, Student Court Decides

Candidates For Top Job Explain Platforms

Women In Men’s Jobs Say—They Had To Prove Themselves

Sectional Softball Crown To DuPage

Undefeated Tennis Team Heads For Nationals


Ronald Miller

Harold Rubin

Rich Pfeiffer

Maya Angelou



The Courier, Volume 10, Issue 26, May 5, 1977
The Courier, College of DuPage

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