The Courier

Volume 10, Issue 4 (1976)

Issue Highlights


Limit Fund Slash to Part-Time Help

College Official Says—High Student Turnout Will Pass Referendum

Berg Says No Cuts in Student Activities

Cancel Faculty Intern Program for Winter

Enroll 16,146 for Fall, Women in Majority

Settini Here Nov. 1—This Mime Has ‘Worked the Streets’

Poke a Light Pen, and ‘Discover’ for Yourself Electronic Counseling

A Word on Liberation


Tim Settini

Jerry “Sammy” Burns

Walter Grimes

Judy MacDougall


Publications Personnel

Wayne A. Shoop
Managing Editor
Carol Gregory
Sports Editor
Tom Ryan
Photo Editor
Scott Salter
Features Editor
Dave Dicky
Margaret Andelbradt
Staff Cartoonist
Dario Tranter
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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