The Courier

Volume 11, Issue 1 (1977)

Issue Highlights


No Credits Last Year For Bates—Student President Stays In School

Megan McDonough To Open Coffeehouse

Berg Voices Concern To Faculty--‘Is College Drifting Away From Meeting Student Needs?’

Abortion And ‘Class X’ Up For Vote Next Month

Price’s Oscar Wilde Likable in Spite of Himself (“Diversions and Delights”)

Student President Lists Goals For Year

Faculty Senate Head, Al Cerasoli, Resigns

Singers Tour Britain, Make P 1 In London For Spontaneous Show (photos)


Joe Bates

Megan McDonough

Vincent Price

Mario Reda

Samuel Gould

Al Cerasoli

Madonna Montemurro


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Managing Editor
JoAnn Westrate
Photo Editor
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Sports Editor
Gary Swanson
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Larry Smith
Staff Cartoonist
Dario Tranter
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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