The Courier

Volume 11, Issue 14 (1978)

Issue Highlights


Faculty Senate Wins 4 Votes On Committee To Find New President

Computer May Oust Library Card Catalogue

Top Choice In Languages Is Spanish

‘Udin-nudin,’ ‘Grock’ And ‘Tup’ And ‘Pits’ et al

1st Senate Elections Since Spring ’77, Kappa Candidates, Psi Candidates, Sigma Candidate


David Brown

Dan Lyons

Tony Block

Art Dane

Jim Yalancius

Dan Bagley

Tim McNulty

John Klimah


Editorial Staff

Jolene Westendorf
Managing Editor
Gary Swanson
Photo Editor
Mark Prezioso
Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Advertising Manager
Larry Smith
Staff Cartoonist
Dario Tranter
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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