The Courier

Volume 11, Issue 32 (1978) Summer Issue

Issue Highlights


Faculty Walks Out On Salary Offer

CD Sinks $ Into Pond

SG Fires Sen. Block

Prohammer Still On Job Despite Senate Reprimand

Interim President Maintains Course

Century III Seeks Head

Those Aren’t Just Weeds -- They’re Part Of Illinois History

Old Campus -- Temporary?

Six Dozen Characters In Search Of An Audience

‘Please Don’t Touch’ Leaves Listener Shaken

Lamonica Joins Exodus

Resolution Provides Graceful Exit For Berg


Tony Block

Valerie Prohammer

Ted Tilton

George Macht

Tom Lamonica

Jim Herlihy

Rodney Berg


Editorial Staff

Executive Editor
Jolene Westendorf
Charlotte Manning
Managing Editor
Dan Faust
Faculty Advisor
John Meader
Summer Staff
JoAnn Westrate
Carole Rosebaugh
Luke Buffenmyer
Barbara Ladner
Pete Garvey
Gary Swanson
Dan Folz
Dario Tranter
Bill Nicholson
Art Dane

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