The Courier

Volume 11, Issue 33 (1978) Summer Issue

Issue Highlights


Tuition Up 50c, Propose Tax Hike

NCA Suggestions Vary

Musical Chairs In Campus Positions

Faculty Oppose Board’s Approved Salary Package

For Those Of You Paying Taxes …

High School Educators Discover CD

Status Quo Vadis Leads Summer Theatre Success

WDCB Expands Programming To Jazz, Bluegrass

Alpha Gives Wholistic View To Transpersonal Program

Nursing Alumni Pave Way

Reputation Aids New Grads


Thomas Schmidt

Ann Ryan-Schuster


Editorial Staff

Charlotte Manning
Managing Editor
Dan Faust
Faculty Advisor
John Meader
Summer Staff
Carole Rosebaugh
Luke Buffenmyer
Bill Nicholson
Art Dane
Mike Taylor
Mark Spicer
Nancy Jenkins
Pam Keating
Joel Lesch
Jolene Westendorf

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