The Courier

Volume 12, Issue 13 (1979)

Issue Highlights


It’s ‘Arctic Quarter’ 1979 And When Will It Stop?

Wage Hike Petition Withdrawn

Student Government Picks Up The Pieces

McAninch Has No Answer For SG Problems

Tenure Discussion Heats Up Council Meet

80 Occupations In Demand Listed For Young Jobseekers

Fantastic Comedy Pits Fantasy Against Reality (The Fantasticks)

Our Weatherman Saw It All Coming

Police Get Phone Blitz; How College Decides To Stay Open Or Close


Meg Sheehan

Robert Bakshis

Bob Pape

Tom Rowley

Brian Daly


Editorial Staff

Dan Faust
Managing Editor
Criss VanLoon
Photo Editor
Darin VanWitzenburg
Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Art Dane
Mark Plotkowski
Kathy Root
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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