The Courier

Volume 12, Issue 15 (1979)

Issue Highlights


Tech Programs Get OK

Minnesota Sociologist Says — Our Society Is Insulated Against Death And Dying

Reincarnation Has Its Followers

Student Help Needed — Suggest Pay Rate Hike Now

Production Dept. — Their Work Turns Up All Over The Place

Hot Food Will Come To A Bldg. Feb. 19

Rock and Roll: Is it Here To Stay This Time?

‘Zippers Big Improvement’ — 2 Septuagenarians Take Fashion Design

Gearings Examine Discharge Status — Second Look For Vets


Robert Fulton

Polley Cosgrove

Ed Shaughnessy

the Boyzz


Flora Gundel

Mary Deardorff

Tom Sorenson

Editorial Staff

Dan Faust
Managing Editor
Criss VanLoon
Photo Editor
Darin VanWitzenburg
Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Art Dane
Mark Plotkowski
Kathy Root
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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