The Courier

Volume 12, Issue 6 (1978)

Issue Highlights


SG May Cover Co-op’s Funding

What They Say In Joliet About Our New President

Shuttle Bus Idea Shuffles Off To Oblivion

Board Eyes Tax Cut

Enrollment Up 8.5%

TV Target Date Is 1980 — Consortium Still In Neutral Gear

Plan Student Center In Future LRC Bldg.

The ‘Arts’ Find A Home In Remodeled M Bldg.

CD Golfers Come From Behind, Finishing With State Golf Crown


Jim Valancius

Helen Petre

Ray Conmey

Editorial Staff

Dan Faust
Managing Editor
Criss VanLoon
Photo Editor
Luke Buffenmyer
Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Art Dane
Mark Plotke
Kathy Root
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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