The Courier

Volume 12, Issue 7 (1978)

Issue Highlights


$15,000 Loss In 20 Typewriter Thefts

Madrigals Sell Out Fast, Scores Fail To Get Tickets

Sell-backs Too Short Also — Ask For Longer Bookstore Hours

It Comes In Many Forms — Study Finds Stress Is Big Villain

CD Group Forming For ERA Supporters

Chloe Collection Vibes — Will Blue Jeans Tighten & Go Bust?

Is Watering Plants Police Job, Chief Asks

CD Is Functional Base Of Century III Idea

Chaps Slay L & C, Win Soccer Flag

Football Appeal Turned Down By N4C


Maynard Ferguson

Richard Pearlman

Mary Morrow

Joel Lesch

Katie Clemens

Brian McGrath


Editorial Staff

Dan Faust
Managing Editor
Criss VanLoon
Photo Editor
Luke Buffenmyer
Sports Editor
Pete Garvey
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Art Dane
Mark Plotke
Kathy Root
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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