The Courier

Volume 13, Issue 22 (1980)

Issue Highlights


Mandatory Advising Proposal Voted Down

Forensics Brings Home The Trophy

Ask Faculty Help For SA Committee

Senate Urges Faculty To Ignore New Evaluation System

Proposed PE Bldg Could Be Underground

Energy Committee Says — More Bike And Footpaths Needed

Gas Prices Flatten Student Finances

Our ‘West Side Story’— Professional And Dynamic


Rita Hruskoci

Marion Chase

Rick White

Doris LeVine

Marc Lovett

Nancy Graves

Paul Zimmerman

Stephen Gregory

Monette Sjoberg


Editorial Staff

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Sports Editor
Tom Nelson
Ass't Sports Editor
Andi Konrath
Photo Editor
Tom Scheffler
Circulation Manager
Ron Koons
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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