The Courier

Volume 13, Issue 26 (1980)

Issue Highlights


‘Worlds’ Loses Funding For Year

A2012 May Become Advising Center In Fall

May Ask In-house Staff To Carry On Century III

Lambert Road Widening Pact Has 3-year Deadline

CD Film Maker Has Hopes For ‘Boozz’

Our Critic Says — The Absurdities Of Life Done Tactfully And Well

New Theatre Co. Opens With ‘Sly Fox’

Chaps’ Brother Act A Family Tradition In Baseball

Dupers Claim First State Track Title

Football Team Receives Probation ‘Warning’


Ted Podgorski

Paul Emery

Jack Weiseman

Glenn Zeman

Ben Danner

Dave Danner



The Courier, Volume 13, Issue 26, May 8, 1980
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