The Courier

Volume 13, Issue 3 (1979)

Issue Highlights


Seek State Grant For Energy Audit

Enrollment Now 22,193, 4% Higher Than Last Fall

Bookstore Grosses $142,000 In 2 Days

‘Over 30’ Gang Makes CD Its New Hangout

VD Is Growing Health Hazard

75% Of Last Year’s Grads Worked While In School

Will Liquor Law Change Things?

Report Job Market Good In Horticulture


Joel Lesch

Roger Jaacks

Chryssoula Papadopoulos

Dave Webster

Joan Finder


Editorial Staff

Lisa Grepares
Managing Editor
Dan Faust
Sports Editor
Tom Nelson
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Photo Editor
Tom Scheffler
Tom Larrison
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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