The Courier

Volume 13, Issue 6 (1979)

Issue Highlights


Bizarre Threats Come In The Mail

The Amazing Kreskin Puts $2,500 On The Line

Big Changes May Be Coming — Two-day School Week Possible, Says New Provost

Health Center Lives Up To Its Title

Former CD Students Lead In GPA at NIU

Secretarial Science Eyes Word Processing Machines

Polygraph Tests: Are Results Always Dependable?

Haven At 22nd And Park — Where Birds, Animals Get Free Medical Care


Amazing Kreskin

Barb Pheiffer

Barbi Murk

John Mazurek


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Managing Editor
Dan Faust
Sports Editor
Tom Nelson
Circulation Manager
Ben Eaton
Photo Editor
Tom Scheffler
Tom Larrison
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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