The Courier

Volume 15, Issue 7 (1981)

Issue Highlights


Tribune’s Kilian Speaks Here Nov. 9

Make $ Plans For Arts Center

Podgorski Controversy Back In SG Lap

Board, Faculty Senate Elected

Should Smoking Be Ok In Halls?

Work On SRC Takes Many Forms

McAninch Spurs Move For New Campus Buildings

SRC Decor Planned By Students, Staff

'Rich And Famous’ Fails

Metheny Jazz Group Mesmerizes 900

Building M Provides Forum For Arts

Track Team Takes Crown, Wichita Next


Michael Kilian

Ted Podgorski

Frank Cole

Jerald Saimon

Lucia Sutton

Pat Metheny


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Thomas Cronenberg
Managing Editor
Linda Ball
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Photo Editor
Roger Paulhus
Patrick Adams
Sunny Robinson
Ken Ford
Brian O'Mahoney
Steve Morriss
Staff Writers
Don Alfano
Chuck Fox
Dan Cassidy
Bev Jirsa
Carol Thomas
Glenna Kincheloe
Patty Kaar
Faculty Advisor
James J. Nyka

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