The Courier

Volume 15, Issue 8 (1981)

Issue Highlights


SG Asks Immediate Action' On Podgorski

Raise Tax Level For Arts Center

Faculty Senate Results Upheld

Podgorski Claims, 'I Haven't Hurt Students'

Community Colleges Become Fashionable

Senate Calls For Review Of Graduation Requirements

She's Out To Help Amerasian Kids

Powerful Acting Mark Of 'Macbeth'


Ted Podgorski

Barbara Larson

Donna Jean Lucas

Mimi Munch

Christopher Able

Lisa Schultz

Jim Stenhouse


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Linda Ball
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Photo Editor
Roger Paulhus
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Patrick Adams
Sunny Robinson
Ken Ford
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Steve Morriss
Staff Writers
Don Alfano
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Bill Baykan
Glenna Kincheloe
Patty Kaar
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James J. Nyka

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