The Courier

Volume 16, Issue 12 (1983)

Issue Highlights


Another SG Resignation

Fine Arts Facility Presented To Board

CD Grad Cuts Album

College Update–A Brief Look At What’s Happening At Community Colleges And Four-Year Schools Across The Country

Courier Rates Above '6' With Administration, Students


Tom Jablonsky

Andrew Calhoun

Scot Stevens


Editorial Staff

Dan Cassidy
Managing Editor
Mark Pfefferman
Photo Editor
Brian O'Mahoney
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
C. W. Bommelman, Mike Bouse, Mike Considine, Rane Goelz, Wendy Heim, Peggy Hiltz, Gayle Jasinskl, Mike Johnson, Moira Leen, Steve Nelson, D. Randall Olson, Elaine Pekarski, Cathy Robinson, Ann Roper, Scott Tomkowiak, Ron Word, Ray Whitlock
Faculty Advisor
James J. Nyka

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