The Courier

Volume 16, Issue 17 (1983)

Issue Highlights


Candidate Kelly Young Unopposed For Trustee

Music Festival Opens

Golston New Appointee To Vacated SG Position

New Bookstore Opens Doors To Students

WDCB 90.9 FM–'Evita' Airs (This week's highlights)

‘M*A*S*H’ Closes TV Era Monday

Salberg gets 200th

Skaters Capture 2

Men, Women Region Swim Champs

Stumpe's Shot Gives Chaps Title


Kelly Young

Otis Golston

Herb Salberg


Editorial Staff

D. Randall Olson
Managing Editor
Moira Leen
Photo Editor
Brian O'Mahoney
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
C. W. Bommelman, Mike Bouse, Mike Considine, Doug Dill, Rane Goelz, Wendy Heim, Peggy Hiltz, Gayle Jasinskl, Mike Johnson, Marilyn Morgan, Steve Nelson, Elaine Pekarski, Mark Pfefferman, Cathy Robinson, Ann Roper, Scott Tomkowiak, Pam Kuzelka, Kathryn Zuodar, Sue Barker, Russ Hooper, Buck Field
Faculty Advisor
James J. Nyka

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