The Courier

Volume 16, Issue 21 (1983)

Issue Highlights


$700,000 Shortfall McAninch: State Budget ‘Devastating’

CD Student Found Murdered

LRC Computer Old Method With New Approach

Speech Team Wins In San Antonio

Federal Student Aid–Consolidating Programs Will Maximize Benefits

CableTV Means Education At Home

WDCB 90.9 FM–Draft Convict Airs (This Week's Highlights)

‘Six Characters’—Engaging Evening (Six Characters in Search of an Author)

Athletes Post Collective 2.58 GPA

Recruited Athletes Find CD Has Much To Offer


Brenda Almanza

Marlene Stubler

Barbara Hall

Claudia Voisard

Conrad Szuberla

Henry French

Pamela Zouva

Kathleen Downing

Vincent Ladd

Joe Comparato

Christopher Able


Editorial Staff

D. Randall Olson
Managing Editor
Moira Leen
Photo Editor
Brian O'Mahoney
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Business and Graphics Manager
Mark Pfefferman
Sue Barker, C. W. Bommelman, Mike Bouse, Mike Considine, Rane Goelz, Marc Griseta, Wendy Heim, Peggy Hiltz, Gayle Jasinskl, Marilyn Morgan, Elaine Pekarski, Mark Pfefferman, Cathy Robinson, Ann Roper, Jim Settecase, Scott Tomkowiak, Al White, Kathryn Zuodar,
Faculty Advisor
James J. Nyka

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