The Courier

Volume 16, Issue 22 (1983)

Issue Highlights


Lemont Man Charged In Almanza Murder

Courier Number 1 In State

Forensics Takes Nationals

Trustees Debate Uses Of West Campus Buildings

Good Attendance Enhances Official Bookstore Dedication

Of 18,600 Media Grads, Half Employed In Field

German Elections–Kohl: Saving NATO Or The Wallet?

East Germany–U.S. Student Finds Land Of Contrasts

Nuclear Freeze Issue Stirs Neuman Debate

Sister Nykiel Campaigns For Weapons Reductions


David Gottshall

Sister Karen Nykiel


Editorial Staff

D. Randall Olson
Managing Editor
Moira Leen
Photo Editor
Brian O'Mahoney
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Business and Graphics Manager
Mark Pfefferman
Sue Barker, C. W. Bommelman, Mike Bouse, Mike Considine, Rane Goelz, Marc Griseta, Wendy Heim, Peggy Hiltz, Gayle Jasinskl, Marilyn Morgan, Elaine Pekarski, Mark Pfefferman, Cathy Robinson, Ann Roper, Jim Settecase, Scott Tomkowiak, Will Trentlage, Al White, Kathryn Zuodar,
Faculty Advisor
James J. Nyka

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