The Courier

Volume 17, Issue 12 (1984)

Issue Highlights


Accreditation Team To Visit CD

Winter Enrollment Drops 6.8%

Tom Hauser–Author Shares Vision Of America

One-Acts In Review From Wooden To Wonderful

Women Seek Form, Men — Momentum

Women Cagers Steadily Improving


Tom Hauser

David Gauger

Lisa Schultz


Editorial Staff

Kristine Montgomery
Managing Editor
Sheryl McCabe
Sports Editor
Mike Considine
Photo Editor
Mark Spurgeon
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Business/Advertising Manager
Nora Tidd
Chris Aiello, Julie Bridge, Diane Brunke, Gerald Clark, Gloria Donahue, Paul Goodman, Dave Leitz, Mike Kochanek, Margurita Mei, Geri Mills, John O’Leary, Brian O’Mahoney, Dave Pacanowski, Steve Savaglio, Gary Schlueter, Eric Semelroth, Ann Stotts, Scott Tomkowiak
James J. Nyka

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