The Courier

Volume 17, Issue 5 (1983)

Issue Highlights


Voters To Elect 3 Trustees Nov. 8

Plans For Courtyard Examined

Nuclear Science Program Offered

Classified Staff Gets 6.5% Boost In Benefits

WDCB 90.9 FM —Jazz City To Air (This Week’s Highlights)

Grenada: Political Repercussions

‘Chicago’ — Music And Murder

'Kiosk' Dedication Nov. 6


Mary Pat Barth


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Managing Editor
Sheryl McCabe
Photo Editor
Brian O'Mahoney
Art Editor
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Business Manager
Mark Pfefferman
Chris Aiello, Sanober Balbale, Sue Barker, Judith Bluder, Diane Brunke, Ginni Campione, Liza Conroy, Diana Cummins, Shawnett David, Doug Dill, Gloria Donahue, Sue Durkin, Pat Eads, Andy Judge, Paige Kammer, Nancy Lee, Margurita Mei, Cheri Mershon, Lois Michel, Darron Mickelsen, Chris Mikenas, Steve Milano, Glen Morgan, Niebtha Raheja, John Rohan, Ann Roper, Kristin Schaefer, Eric Semelroth, Lois Sheridan, Scott Tomkowiak, Chris Tudisco
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James J. Nyka

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