The Courier

Volume 17, Issue 9 (1984)

Issue Highlights


Nursing Admissions Endorsed

Murchison Dead At 61

Prairie Light Review Editors Resign Positions

Schindler, Former Trustee, Dies

Kissinger Fails Again With El Salvador

New Gallery Removes Elitist Touch

Swim Squads Pursue Winning Ways


William Murchison

James Schindler

Phillip Rock


Editorial Staff

Kristine Montgomery
Managing Editor
Sheryl McCabe
Photo Editor
Mark Spurgeon
Art Editor
Bob Dvorak
Business/Advertising Manager
Nora Tidd
Chris Aiello, Julie Bridge, Diane Brunke, Gerald Clark, Gloria Donahue, Paul Goodman, Dave Leitz, Mike Kochanek, Margurita Mei, Geri Mills, John O’Leary, Brian O’Mahoney, Steve Savaglio, Gary Schlueter, Ann Stotts, Sue Thomas, Scott Tomkowiak

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