The Courier

Volume 18, Issue 3 (1984)

Issue Highlights


Reagan Visits CD

Gerry Parties With DuPage Democrats

Neri Death ‘Mysterious’

Verdict Not Complete On Pre-Testing Results

REAGANFEST! (photos), The Speech…

The Supporters…

Observations On The Reagan Rally

The Protests…

Teacher Exchange A ‘Positive Experience’


Ronald Reagan

Geraldine Ferraro

Debbie Weiser

Thyra Vickery

Bill Doster

Tom Hamburg


Editorial Staff

Paul Goodman
Managing Editor
Rick Galfano
Photo Editor
Pat Timmers
Art Editor
John Fenwick
Feature Editor
Julie Bridge
Entertainment Editor
Scott Tomkowiak
Sports Editor
Darron Vanman
Business/ad Manager
Katie Wietrzychowski
Chris Aiello, Gloria Donahue, Thomas Cronenberg, Ginni Freshour, Dave Hamilton, Craig Rice, Karen Schultz, Steve Savaglio, Raymond Laughlin, Jim Howard, Denise Sandore, April Gronowski, Beverly Lorenz, Barb Magnatowski, Soe Yoon, Keith Lippoldt, Joe Territo, Kathleen Woltzen
James Nyka

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