The Courier

Volume 18, Issue 7 (1984)

Issue Highlights


New Federal Financial Aid Rules Will Affect Students

New SG Constitution Awaits Ratification

Co-Op Finds Jobs

Looking For Mr. Goodbeer

CD Students Observe 2 Directions Of Change

New Guidelines For Veteran Scholarships

Chaps Take State Title


John Walsh

Maribeth Walsh


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Katie Wietrzychowski
Gloria Donahue, Thomas Cronenberg, Ginni Freshour, Dave Hamilton, Craig Rice, Karen Schultz, Jim Howard, Denise Sandore, April Gronowski, Barb Magnatowski, Soe Yoon, Keith Lippoldt, Joe Territo, Kathleen Woltzen, Bob Dvorak, Scott Tomkowiak, David Tuley, Cheryl Sobun, John Green
James J. Nyka

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