The Courier

Volume 19, Issue 14 (1986)

Issue Highlights & Notes

First Page Misprinted as 1988


Tuition May Be Hiked $1

Ex-Athlete Arrested For 11-Week Spending Spree On CD Money

Arts Center Pier Plans Revived Again

SG May Make Old Cafeteria Community Hall

Festivals Planned For CD's 20th Year

Illinois Community College Costs

New Directions In Music Being Achieved Electronically

On Drugs - From Old To Young, Rich To Poor, The Problem Mounts

Through Programs, Classes, Committee Attacks Drugs

New NCAA Rules May Mean 'Whiter' Teams


William Ewing

Darlene Knapp


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Channon Seifert
Sports Editor
Dave Tuley
Art Editor
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Joe Territo
Business Manager
David J. Hamilton
James J. Nyka
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