The Courier

Volume 19, Issue 20 (1986)

Issue Highlights


Board Welcomes New Trustee

Rally Planned To Protest Ticket Policy

Forensic Team Wins Gold, Silver, Bronze

Pool Patio Furniture Leads As Class Gift Idea

College Sparked “Mature” Student

Music Videos Hazardous To Mental Health?

Anorexia Nervosa Expectations Ignore Reality: When The Desire To Please Becomes A Disease

Video Games In The Rec Room, Still Out Of The Question?

Dave Webster Nominated For Coach Of Year

Trackmen Run Away With Chicago Intercollegiates


Elinor McCarthy

Dave Webster


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John Hoffman
Managing Editor
Amy Buczko
Photo Editor
Tom Eul
Feature Editor
Channon Seifert
Sports Editor
Dave Tuley
Art Editor
Tom Kunsch
Assistant Features Editor
Sean McMahan
Graphics/Paste Up
Joe Territo
Business Manager
Kathleen Flinn
James J. Nyka
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