The Courier

Volume 19, Issue 21 (1986)

Issue Highlights


Bomb Scare Forces Evacuation

Handful Attend Ticket Protest, Officials Continue To Discuss Policy

Courier Named Best In State

Closed College May Still Be Going Public

‘Kids On Campus’ Program Growing Up

Backpacks: The New Campus Danger

CD Entertainment-Why Robert Klein, Jay Leno Or Any Other 'David Letterman-Type Entertainer' Won't Be Appearing This Year At CD

DuPage Homeless, For Some, Being Homeless Is A Symptom

Joan Beck On Motherhood And Jobs, Trib Columnist Says Working Mothers Must Stress Both

Pro Golfer Tees Off For CD Foundation

NJCAA Eases Eligibility Rules


Douglas Jacoby

Kim Wilcox

Joan Beck

Lanny Wadkins


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John Hoffman
Managing Editor
Amy Buczko
Photo Editor
Tom Eul
Feature Editor
Channon Seifert
Sports Editor
Dave Tuley
Art Editor
Tom Kunsch
Assistant Features Editor
Sean McMahan
Graphics/Paste Up
Joe Territo
Business Manager
Kathleen Flinn
James J. Nyka
Paul Allen, Chris Baumgartner, Jim Beck, Jan Boldt, Mike Crotty, Bruce Decker, John Detwiller, Brian Drusza, Steve Eckelberry, Sheri Frey, John Fenwick, Pete Garlinger, Cheryl Groth, Steve Heigh, Bridget Kelley, John Kissane, Lisa Kivioje, Dan Mroczka, Dan Nicholson, Steven Reltschneider, Richard Rudnik, Mark Sauer, Steve Simpson, Karen Steltman, Jeff Teal, Scott Tape, Sue Tomse, Nick Veronico, Joan Wallner, Tina Yurmanovich

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