The Courier

Volume 2, Issue 12 (1969)

Issue Highlights


Free Tests Jan. 25, 28 to Learn Your Abilities

Call Computer Get Job Analysis

Teacher Turns Artful Hobby to Profit

President--Dean’s List

Diversity’s In at Vine & Branch

Cold Drafts, Cubbyholes Did Not Thwart Paper’s Efforts

Racism Discussed, DAP Warned

SDS: Made and Unmade by Mass Media?

‘Pirates' Ready Stage

Searby Gets V.P. Job


Carter Carroll

E. Ray Searby


Publication Personnel

James Dressler
Editorial Editor
Scott Betts
Sports Editor
Terry Kopitke
Copy Editor
Steve Morse
Business Manager
Tom Murphy
Circulation Manager
James Burdon
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond
Photography Personnel
Bruce Larsen
Richard Coe
John Pingel
Timothy O’Leary

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