The Courier

Volume 2, Issue 13 (1969)

Issue Notes & Highlights

Issue Note: The first page of this issue was printed with the incorrect date.


Court Says Session Illegal

Total Enrolled 3,677

County Committee To Prepare for 1970

Spelunkers To Form Here

Russian Club to Organize

Gaps Are Widening

Joe McCarthy Ignited New Journalism

Bookstore’s Main Problem Is Lack of Communication

‘Pirates of Penzance’ Characters (photos)


Publication Personnel

James Dressler
Editorial Editor
Scott Betts
Sports Editor
Terry Kopitke
Copy Editor
Steve Morse
Business Manager
Tom Murphy
Circulation Manager
James Burdon
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond
Photography Personnel
Bruce Larsen
Richard Coe
John Pingel
Timothy O’Leary

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