The Courier

Volume 2, Issue 16 (1969)

Issue Highlights


Hot Issues Give Student Opinion

Complete DAP Slate and Mullen Elected

Robert Brockob--a C of D Man for All Seasons

SG Challenges Faculty to Basketball Game

Radio ‘Ham’ Cowan: He Really Gets Around

What Would Lincoln Say?

Close the ‘Open Door’

College Developing Comprehensive Curriculum

The 1938 ‘Invasion from Mars’

Senate Accepts Rights Statement


Cynthia Kreiss

Robert Brockob

Don Cowan


Publication Personnel

Steve Morse
Editorial Editor
Scott Betts
Sports Editor
Terry Kopitke
Business Manager
Tom Murphy
Circulation Manager
James Burdon
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond
Photography Personnel
Bruce Larsen
Richard Coe
John Pingel
Timothy O’Leary
Dan Gorski

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