The Courier

Volume 2, Issue 26 (1969)

Issue Highlights


Enter the Matchmaker

Whitacre Gets Senate Nod

Faculty Senate Reviews Proposed Outside Speaker Policy on Four Points

5 Photogs Resign, Allege SDS Policy

Services Council Discusses Lack of Student Identity Here

Illinois J.C. Enrollments

How Construction Goes by the Shores of ‘Lake Interim’

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: It’s Drug Abuse Lingo

Police See Increased Drug Use Curbed Only by Education

Medic Speaks Out on Illegal Drugs

Our Critic Says of ‘Kismet’: Good Show

Paintings Stolen at Student Center Quietly Returned


Roger Whitacre

Bruce Sennke

Peter Kent

Barbara Marks

James Anderson

Mlchal O’Donnell

Paul Augsberger

Tom Petersen



The Courier, Volume 2, Issue 26, May 8, 1969
The Courier, College of DuPage

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