The Courier

Volume 2, Issue 7 (1968)

Issue Highlights


C of D Students Take Part in Wheaton Draft Protest

Student Conduct Code Weighed By Senate

Dr Joshi: An East-West Blend

Senate Reviews Draft on Student Conduct

Meet the Official Mascot

Students Like Pass-Fail But Raise Questions

7 Instructors Added

Student Survey Shows 10 Minutes Not Enough

Local Police Officers Retained to Ease Traffic Flow

C.O.D., Inc., A Financial Empire That Grows and Grows


Sunder Joshi


Publication Personnel

Scott Betts
Assistant Editor
T. Dennis O'Sullivan
Sports Editor
Terry Kopitke
Copy Editor
Steve Morse
Advertising Manager
Tom Murphy
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond
Photography Personnel
Bruce Larsen
Bruce Lamb
Richard Coe
John Pingle

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