The Courier

Volume 2, Issue 8 (1968)

Issue Highlights


2 Judges Named in Senate Action

YRs Okay Constitution, Postpone Elections

Teachers Aid Called Rewarding Program for Women

English Teacher’s Book Due in ‘69

Student Mobilization Committee May Be Formed at C of D (Vietnam War)

Neil Diamond in Concert Nov. 29

Vacant Student Court Seats Filled

Extensive Remodeling Nears Completion at Glen Briar Student Center

Pace Quickens at Rehearsal for 'The Crucible' (photos)

Pool of Photographers Pursue Perfection--Poses With An Air of Sophistication: Cindy Hermann--Now Let’s Gag It Up With Barbara Jensen


Pete Gormely

Dale Schemezis

Neil Diamond


Publication Personnel

Scott Betts
Assistant Editor
T. Dennis O'Sullivan
Sports Editor
Terry Kopitke
Copy Editor
Steve Morse
Advertising Manager
Tom Murphy
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond
Photography Personnel
Bruce Larsen
Bruce Lamb
Richard Coe
John Pingle

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