The Courier

Volume 20, Issue 9 (1986)

Issue Highlights


Smoking May Be Limited

Burke Cites AIDS Threat

‘College One Of The Most Innovative’

Stop Smoking … A Fad Destined To Go Up In Smoke

Animal Dissection — Still A Life And Death Issue

Fulbright Scholar To Visit CD

Gridders Taste Victory In Cola Bowl 38-21


Joji Asahi


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Kriss Montgomery
Sports Editor
Channon Seifert
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Kathleen Flinn
James J. Nyka
Signe Beamsley, Jim Beck, Ernest Blakey, Tami Calugi, Tammy Ann DePirro, Brian A. Duok, Kevin A lllescas, Laura Ingraham, Carl Kerstann, John Kissane, Jim Mitchell, Sylvia Phillips, Mark Puc, Jeffrey Romack, Lee Sterline, Linda Sullivan, Joan Wallner, Tina Yurmanovich

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