The Courier

Volume 21, Issue 3 (1987)

Issue Highlights


Attendance Rise Sets Record Enrollment Jumps 6.4 Percent

Budget Cut Dims Co-Op Future

Aurora University Offers Study At CD

Four Bid For 10 Spots In SG Election

Thompson, GA Play Politics With Schools


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Editor in Chief
John A. Caruso
Managing Editor
Steve Tolokon
Photo Editor
Carl Kerstann
Advertising/Business Manager
Kathleen Flinn
Graphics/Paste Up
Kriss Montgomery
Art Editor
David Hackney
Asst. Managing Editor
Susan Sperry
Arts & Entertainment Assistant
Cathy Hill
Catherine Stablein
Staff: Geoff Beran, Jeff Cunningham, Lisa Daigle, Helen Fitzpatrick, Leonard N. Fleming, David Glover, Sarah Nelson, Frank Partipilo, Mike Raia, Kendra Scudder, Dale Walker, Steve Honeywell, Craig Ihnenteld, Mary Therese McDonough, Dan Muir

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