The Courier

Volume 21, Issue 5 (1987)

Issue Highlights


Four Seek Two Spots In Board Race Tuesday

Bardeen Views County Growth As Chance For CD To Get Stronger

Bunge Claims His Years On Board More Than Qualify For Trustee Post

Calhoun Sees Access To College, Fiscal Concerns In CD’s Future

High-Tech, Education Career Keys To Shapiro’s Board Claims


Marjorie Bardeen

William Bunge

Brian Calhoun

Stanley Shapiro

Harold McAninch


Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief
John A. Caruso
Managing Editor
Steve Tolokon
Asst. Managing Editor
Susan Sperry
Photo Editor
Carl Kerstann
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Cathy Hill
Art Editor
David Hackney
Advertising/Business Manager
Kathleen Flinn
Advertising Asst.
Stephanie Douglas
Graphics/Paste Up
Kriss Montgomery
Catherine Stablein
Staff: Geoff Beran, Sarah Nelson, Jeff Cunningham, Frank Partipilo, Lisa Daigle, Mike Raia, Kendra Scudder, Leonard N. Fleming, Dale Walker, David Glover, Steve Honeywell, Mary Therese McDonough, Dan Muir, Jenifer Bort, Jennifer Sweeney, Rick Royston, Barbara Meisner, Ray Thom

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