The Courier

Volume 22, Issue 12 (1989)

Issue Highlights & Notes

On this issue the year was misprinted as 1988.


Tuition Could Jump From $18 To $20

Survey Compares Book Prices-CD Costs Less Than Moraine, More Than Joliet

Space Needs Of CD Prevents Cafeteria Expansion

CD Enrollment For Winter Up 9.4 Percent


Harold McAninch

James Peterson

Frank Heegaard


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Editor in Chief
Steve Tolokon
Managing Editor
Lisa Daigle
Sports Editor
Stephanie Jordan
Features/A&E Editor
Colleen Milovic
Photo Editor
Mari Caulfield
Associate Editor
Jed Mander
Editorial Cartoonist
Dave Matz
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
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