The Courier

Volume 22, Issue 13 (1989)

Issue Highlights


Tuition Increase Likely Following Approval By Key College Committee

Faculty: Administration Doesn't 'Really Listen'-College President Says CD Allows More Input From Faculty Than Most Schools

Trustee Evaluates Her Term

Student Government Eyes Refurnishing IC Lounges

Tuition Hike Necessary To Help Faltering Arts Center

Faculty Union Charged With Unfair Labor Practices

CD Used Book Policies Similar To Those Of Area Colleges

CD’s International ESL Students Tell How They Really Feel About America

James Petersen Gives Students New Insights On Sex

“The Nerd” Is Inventive And Comical

Will CD's Hockey Team Win Another Championship?


Florence O’Brien

James Petersen


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Steve Tolokon
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Lisa Daigle
Sports Editor
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Colleen Milovic
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Mari Caulfield
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Jed Mander
Editorial Cartoonist
Dave Matz
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Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
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