The Courier

Volume 22, Issue 6 (1988)

Issue Highlights


College, City At Odds Over Marquis

Green Resignation Called 'Not Usual'

Dukakis Probes GOP Stronghold On Election Eve

Editorial-Dukakis for President

Adnan Ertas: The Man And His Art

Political Instructor Analyzes Election

Scottish Soccer Pro Brings Sting To CD

Chaparrals Raid Apaches' Pow-Wow-Team Advances To Play-Offs

CD Crosses Finish Line For N4C Title


Don Green

David Boyd

Michael Dukakis

George Bush

Adnan Erta

Frank Bellinger

Jimmy Kelly


Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief
Steve Tolokon
Managing Editor
Lisa Daigle
Sports Editor
Stephanie Jordan
Features/A&E Editor
Colleen Milovic
Photo Editor
Mary Caulfield
Editorial Cartoonist
Jason Larson
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
Staff: Eric Beato, Geoff Beran, Michele Bonk, Eric Bingham, Mindy Clinton, Brian Dusza, Maren Egge, Araceli Esquival, Jim Frohnapfel, Elke Holman, Steve Gibson, Ruth Leaneagh, Linda Liang, Cathy Lynch, Jed Mander, Erin McCarty, Michelle Miller, Jim Mountain, Dan Muir, Dave Noble, Chuck Nolan, Steve Slomiany, Vickie Snow, Erin Sullivan, Jeffrey Wojtasiak

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