The Courier

Volume 22, Issue 8 (1988)

Issue Highlights & Notes

Issue was misprinted as number 6


Should CD Extinguish Its Smoking Policy?

Board Won't Sue Professor-Green Says He Will Pay CD $26,000 Over 5 Years

Popular Transfer Schools May Tighten Admissions

CD Remembers Dave Boyd

Futures Committee Debate Called ‘Limited'

Members Say Input 'Biased'

Chairman: No Major Suggestions Planned

Drifting Smoke Prompts Policy Review

Smoking Policy Viewed At Area Two-Year Colleges


Dave Boyd

Ron Lemme

Rob Gabella

John Suaski


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Steve Tolokon
Managing Editor
Lisa Daigle
Sports Editor
Stephanie Jordan
Features/A&E Editor
Colleen Milovic
Photo Editor
Mary Caulfield
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Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
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