The Courier

Volume 23, Issue 16 (1990)

Issue Highlights


Student Aides Receive Raises

Smoking Issue To Be Placed On Spring Ballot

Travel And Tourism Program Blossoms-CD Now Boasts 27 Classes When 20 Years Ago There Were Only Five

NAACP Award Given To Board Of Trustees

Chaps Take Conference, Again!-CD Dethrones Defending N4C Champs Illinois Valley

Lady Chaps Thrust Into Regionals


Ken Harris

Ronald Moore


Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief
Stephanie L. Jordan
Managing Editor
Maren Egge
Associate Editor
Araceli Esquivel
Sports Editor
Dave Noble
Copy Editor
Barbara Lopez-Lucio
Photo Editor
Amit Barson
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
Staff: Mike Donovan, Ingrid Egge, John Laukaitis, Dan Muir, Scott Murray, Matt Radzius, Brien Sheahan, Steve Slomiany, Brian Walker, Rick Williams

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