The Courier

Volume 23, Issue 23 (1990)

Issue Highlights


SG Recommends New Constitution

Commencement Crunch

Community Colleges Serve 348,700

Courier Gives Support To Stajduhar As SG President For 1990-91 Term

Five Candidates Run In Election

20th Anniversary Of Kent State Shootings

Are Rich And Rolling Prairies A Thing Of The Past?

Tennis Team Serves Up Sixth Straight Regional Championship

Region IV Track Meet–Men's Team Captures Region Crown, Women Settle For Third Place

CD Wins 2nd Straight Section III Title


Mike Stajduhar

Walter J. Packard

Melody Gane

Nazima Hasham

Murray Leith

Laura M. Nereim



The Courier, Volume 23, Issue 23, May 11, 1990
The Courier, College of DuPage

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