The Courier

Volume 23, Issue 27 (1990)

Issue Highlights


College's Classified Staff Requests Contract Revisions

Campus-Wide Recycling Program In The Works

The Scoop Behind The Student Newspaper

End Of The Road For 1C Courtyard Statue

Mustang-Packed Lots Invoke ‘Parking Wars’

'Blues Jam' Sizzles

Four CD students Make 9 Voice Sing

Not All 'Fresh Fruit' Is Chemical Free

Chaps Take Control Of Region IV

Highlights And All-Americans From 1989-90

Positive Experience, Lower GPAs For Winter Quarter Athletes

AD Salberg Pitches For A Golf Range On Campus

Dodgers Pick Watts In 19th Round


David Sam

H. D. McAninch

David Gauger

Maren Egge

Barbara Lopez-Lucio

Araceli Esquivel

Dave Noble

Amit Barson

Lonnie Brooks

Burgess Watts



The Courier, Volume 23, Issue 27, June 8, 1990
The Courier, College of DuPage

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Editor in Chief
Maren Egge
Managing Editor
Barbara Lopez-Lucio
Associate Editor
Araceli Esquivel
Sports Editor
Dave Noble
Photo Editor
Amit Barson
Chris Rey
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Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
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