The Courier

Volume 23, Issue 9 (1989)

Issue Highlights


McAninch Looking At New Position In Ariz.

SG Appoints New Members

A Few Cheers And Leers For The Past Decade's Major Happenings At CD

Ideas For CD’s Christmas List

CD In The Decade-College Of DuPage Continues In 'Challenge to Change'

A Decade Of Sports At CD-DuPage Titles During The 1980’s

Chaparral Newsmakers In The 1980’s


Harold McAninch


Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief
Stephanie L. Jordan
Managing Editor
Maren Egge
Associate Editor
Araceli Esquivel
Sports Editor
Dave Noble
Features Editor
Suzanne Madalinski
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
Staff: Dave Matz, James Dutcher, Ingrid Egge, Allison Ishman, Kris Huber, Steve Slomiany, Michael Donovan, Scott Murray, Brian Walker, Matt Radzius, John Schaefer, Brien Sheahan, Rick Williams

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