The Courier

Volume 24, Issue 17 (1991)

Issue Highlights


Candidates Vie For Trustee Position

Marketing Class Learns By Doing In The Real World

SGA Maps Campaign To Gain ISA Membership

Earth Festival Set For May 1 At The College

Older Adults Build On Past Knowledge

Older Adult Institute's Classes Are Tailored To The Older Generation's Needs

Some Like It Hot!--New Spring Fashions Put On A Show (photos)

Hockey Team Readying For Nationals


Jan Spivey Gilchrist

Scott Andrews

Nazima Hasham

Ada Baskina

Ginny Guerra

Burgess Watts


Editorial Staff

Barbara Lopez-Lucio
News Editor
Will Hacker
Features Editor
Susan Polay
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Jennifer L. Berry
Sports Editor
James T. Rendulich
Photo Editor
E. Altman Terry
Art Director
Chris Rey
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
Staff Cartoonist
Adam Bain
Staff Photographer
Emma Anzalone
Staff Reporters
Jon Marland Leonard and Michelle Langhout
Production Intern
Gwen Schoenfeld

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