The Courier

Volume 24, Issue 8 (1990)

Issue Highlights


Drug Free School Rules Under Debate By SGA, Faculty And Trustees

Bardeen Elected Board Chairman

Native American Art Collection Will Be Donated To CD

Researcher Talks On Polymers

Glen Ellyn Police Chief Speaks Out On DPS

Remembering Bobby

Birds of Prey–Winged Hunters Rise Above Extinction

A Day In The Life Of A Typical CD Student

Chaps End Season With Loss In Midwest Bowl


Marjorie Bardeen

Jim Mullany

Robert F. Kennedy

Ron Jerak

Ernesto Bitetti

John Vakos


Editorial Staff

Barbara Lopez-Lucio
News Editor
Will Hacker
Features Editor
Susan Polay
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Mike Donovan
Sports Editor
James T. Rendulich
Photo Editor
E. Altman Terry
Art Director
Chris Rey
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine Stablein
Staff Cartoonists
Adam Bain and William J. Barta
Staff Reporters: Emma Anzalone, Jennifer L. Berry, Kathy Braithwaite, Eric Eichelkraut, Jeanine Rounds, Dana Shallack, Nick Wetmore

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